About the Studio

I currently have students taking beginning piano, violin, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and song writing lessons. My students are people of all ages and from all walks of life. I continue to be impressed weekly with their intelligence, humor, determination, and love of music. I teach out of my home in Marshfield, MA.

Why Bornstringed?

Bornstringed is an inspiration from college. I was playing pretty regularly at a coffeehouse as a solo act and the organizers asked me if I could put together a band for the last event of the school year. I managed to get a handful of people together, but as a violin major I mostly knew strings players. So that's what we were - a band of stringed instruments. And a random conga player. Thus Bornstringed was born.

By the time the actual show rolled around everyone had backed out except myself and the conga player. We had already been billed as Bornstringed, so he and I just went with it for the show. The name has followed me around ever since. First it became my Gmail address. Then my Twitter handle. Now it's my identity as a musician and teacher, sharing my love for music (and even non-stringed instruments) every day. 

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